Top 5 Reasons to Digitize Your Movies

I am excited to introduce Steven Cooper to you.  He has a wife and two kids.  He is the creator of and  I have invited him to share his insights to solve the common problems of organizing your movies.  (Hint, your kid is the solution to this problem.)

The days are over for having a huge entertainment center full of DVDs, Blue-rays, and VHS tapes.  Flat screen TVs fit perfectly hanging on the wall with an adjustable wall mount. There is no need for an entertainment center.  Smart TVs make it so you can access the Internet from your TV and get to movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or TV shows on Hulu.  Why not have your personal movie collections accessible the same way? Here are 5 reasons you should digitize your movies and get rid of your entertainment centers.

1. Gets rid of potential messes.

I know you are getting tired of picking up the piles of DVDs in front of your entertainment center, finding the matching cases and alphabetizing or reorganizing your collection of movies on the shelves.  Just think, if there were no DVDs then there would be no mess. That would be really nice.  You wouldn’t have to worry about installing child locks on your movie cabinets. You wouldn’t get mad at your kid for making a mess.

2. Takes less space.

My parents had a huge custom-made entertainment center built for our living room.  It had a place for the old box TV, plenty of shelves for movies and even some nice bookshelves.  Notice, I am speaking in past tense.  That old box TV was replaced with a wall mounted smart TV.  There was no need for this huge custom entertainment center any more so they made use of it in a different room in the house. Their family room feels so much bigger now. It is also easier to keep clean because there are no more places to collect clutter.

3. Watch movies anywhere and on any device.

By digitizing your movies you can watch them on your phone, tablets, laptops, desktops, or even at a friend’s house.  Anywhere you go, you can watch your movies.  Now, there is more and more data storage going to the cloud. That means you can save files online.  You can access those files anywhere.  Just look at what is happening for newly sold movies.  They come in three formats, DVD, Blue-ray and Digital Copy.

4. DVDs get scratched.

Lets face it; there is nothing worse than watching a movie and having it skip several scenes because it was scratched.  What are you going to do? Take it out and try the old lotion trick? Are you going to buy another copy? If you had made a digital copy of your movie right when you bought it, then you would never have to worry about your DVD getting scratched. That would be really nice, especially if you have kids. Now, when your son carries around his favorite Car’s movie that Santa brought him and it gets scratched and won’t play- it doesn’t matter. You’ve got your digital copy.

5. DVDs get lost.

We bought a copy of The Hobbit on DVD and we watched it once and then lost it.  We looked for it for months every time we wanted to watch it again.  If we had made a digital copy of it from the beginning, it wouldn’t have mattered if we lost it.  You can’t loose a digital copy. Using a search tool on the computer really works great if you some how lost it on your computer.

Get your kids to help.

There is one draw back to digitizing all your movies.  It takes a long time.  Especially when you are digitizing a Blue-ray, which is 6 to 12 Gigs.  Even with an extremely fast computer, it is going to take some time.  So what is the solution?  Have your kids do it.  I’m serious; your 13-year-old child could probably do a better job at it than you.  You could just make it one of their daily chores to digitize a couple DVDs, or you could pay them for each DVD they digitize.  This is a great way for kids to make money. Once they are comfortable digitizing all your DVDs, they can offer their services to the neighbors.  I am sure your neighbors would love having it done for all the reasons I have mentioned.  Some people have hundreds of movies, so this could potentially be a great way for your kids to make hundreds of dollars.  If you are wondering how to digitize your movies, and how your kids can make money doing, it click here.

What to do with the hard copies.

After you have digitized all your movies, don’t throw the hard copy away. What I would recommend doing, is taking them out of their cases and putting them all in a large CD case. Keep the paper that was in the DVD case with the title on it and put it in the clear plastic holder behind the DVD. This way, it will be its placeholder.  Put the case in a closet and out of the way.  If you ever need them, you have them. This way, they are out of the way and you wont have to worry about any messes.

 Movie rental

Another idea for how your kids could make money is to start a movie rental service.  Now that you have digital copies, your movies are more expendable.  If they get lost, stolen, or scratched- it’s not the end of the world. You can burn another DVD.  Your kids can rent out the movies to friends and neighbors for a $1 like Redbox.  If they do this, then it’s better to keep the movies in their cases. Your kids can share the list of movies you own and make some extra money. For more ideas on how your kids can make money, check out my website at