How to Clean & Organize your House & Family

As the Queen Bee of your home, you need a system to maintain your home each week so you are using powerful routines to bless your life, instead of dealing with chaos with haphazard results.

Let’s learn how to maintain your hive with the Fabulous Five!

  1. Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

Much of the clutter in a house is because no one has designated a “home” for each item.  Decide on a home for each item.  Put items where one first uses it.  Discipline yourself and family to ALWAYS “Tidy as they go.”  Every morning our family reads scriptures, so before we leave the family room, everyone tidies and puts away the scriptures, blankets, and throw the socks, trash or toys in the proper bin.

Label each drawer with text or pictures so your children can put things away correctly.

  1. Clean the kitchen after every meal.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s where your family comes home after a long day in the world.  It’s where you clean side by side with your children and they open up and talk to you.  Clean the kitchen after EVERY meal.   Then the next meal prep is a cinch.  Give yourself the gift of a clean kitchen and let your family in on the fun too.

Dinner is the MOST important meal to clean up after because it gives youa a clean morning kitchen. Don’t wait until you feel like cleaning, just do it right after the meal with your family.

  1. Use a planner system.

The Queen Bee cannot remember everything!  The absolute most important of hour of a woman’s week is her weekly planning hour!!!  Write down the urgent, important, and fun things you want to get done.  Get a planner, either paper, electronic or a combination and a calendar and organize yourself on paper for your plan for the week.  Also a dry erase board may be helpful.  Write down your plans regarding the following:

  • chores
  • projects/ honeydo’s
  • reminders/ date nights/ appointments
  • phone calls/mail correspondence
  • finances
  • shopping list/ errands
  • dinner menu
  • and dreams!

    A dry erase board works well to plan your life if your at home a lot. If you don’t want children erasing your plans then use a wet erase marker to draw your grid lines and lists.

  1. Create a weekly housecleaning system to deep clean the home.

Put the deep cleaning on auto-pilot by creating a weekly cleaning system.  The main key is to choose a system and stick to it.  Evaluate each week at a family council meeting what you liked or didn’t like about the system. You could one of the following methods:

  • a room zone system,
  • a stewardship system,
  • a day of the week system,
  • a random list on a dry erase job board,
  • hire it out,
  • or do it all in 1 or 2 days of the week.
  • create a rotating job chart (either a pie wheel or list)

    We split our house into 4 zones: the lower sweep, upper sweep, 3 room sweep, and laundry. Rotate the jobs so the children can have variety.

  1. Create a morning routine:  Routines are powerful blessings in your life.

Your morning routine is the foundation for your day.  Create a routine and stick to it.  My morning routine is the following:

      • UP–  Don’t sleep in every day.  Choose a wake up time and stick to it.
      • BED– Make your bed.  Making your bed tells yourself that you are choosing to create order and beauty that day.
      • DRESSED– Get dressed from your hair to your shoes, including makeup. SWEATS DON’T COUNT.
      • PRAY– Pray.  Get yourself in a peaceful, thankful powerful, inspired place.
      • POWER HOUR – A power hour is your time to fill your bucket.. I read, write, and create.  What do you do?
      • PLAN DINNER– Choose what you’re having for dinner in the morning.  Take one step towards dinner’s completion, like getting the hamburger out to thaw, or throwing potatoes in the crockpot.  Then you’re ahead of the game and you’ll have more time to enjoy your family in the evenings.

        The Fabulous Five will help you have an organized family. Remember to try everyday. If you don’t accomplish all the fabulous five, don’t give up, just try again tomorrow.

Your children should also have a morning routine.  I teach my children to do their foundation everyday.  We say, “Up, Bed, Dressed, Pray, Let’s have a great day!”  You can create a evening routine as well such as check the calender, lock the doors, and tuck in children.

Some might think that life is better to be spontaneous in everything, yet this is not so.  Let your routines be consistent so your home and family can be organized and clean.   Stick to routines because they will bless you!  Be spontaneous with how you enjoy the rest of your time.

You are wonderful!
Krystal Meldrum