House Organization Class Oct. 17, 2013

Please join us on Oct. 17, 2013 from 6-9 p.m. at Spanish Fork High School where in one exciting evening you will learn 8 powerful principles that will empower you to create order in your home.  These amazing time tested ideas will insure you results and your ability to maintain order like never before.  With these principles in place, what gets done will stay done, freeing your time for what you really want to spend your valuable time on.  No more lost keys, homework, birth certificates, etc.  You will even learn how to enlist your sweet hubby and cute kids to be on your team as you create the orderly home you all deserve.

If you live in Utah, here is your chance to attend a class in your area!         We hope to see you!!!

Class price $25.00
Please bring a pen or pencil.  Worksheets and Room Reminder Checklists will be provided.
Teachers:  Margaret Cooper and Krystal Meldrum

How to register online for Community School
(This class is held at Spanish Fork High School ONLY.)

Go to the website to sign up:
Click on:  Departments
Click on:  Community school
Click on:  Pay on line – click on a city (Spanish Fork)