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Training Children to do Chores

I remember my aunt tell me about a day when her husband took one of the boys to work out on the farm and left her with the other 8 children to clean the house. She commenced to keep 8 children on task cleaning and was challenged to the max.  When her husband came in he said, “Well, you didn’t get much done and you had 8 workers.”  She replied,”Next time, why don’t you take the 8 children and I’ll {Read More}

Free House Organization Mini-Class

Hi there everyone! I teach free one hour House Organization classes to church, community, and school groups. We always have a wonderful time as we discuss together how to maintain your hive with the fabulous five! In this fast placed life we all need to know the basics of house and family organization!  We will learn how to maintain and organize your home and family with a crash course class that will get you buzzing! Please contact me at {Read More}

House Organization Class is Jan. 23, 30, Feb. 6, 13, 2014

Please join us on for our 4 week class on the Thursday evenings Jan. 23, 30 and February  6, and 13, 2014 from 7-9 p.m. at Salem Hills High School where you will learn 8 powerful principles that will empower you to create order in your home. These amazing time tested principles will insure you results and your ability to maintain order like never before.  You will implement a plan that works with your family’s habits and you will be {Read More}