How do I start organizing my house?

Do you ever feel like you don’t know where to start organizing?

The average American home has 20,000-40,000 items!

That is a staggering, overwhelming amount of objects to organize.  To give you a comparison, understand that the average university basketball stadium has 20,000 seats.  If it’s a little intimidating to find your seat at the stadium, imagine how hard it might be to find the nails you bought last year.  No wonder we feel stressed and overwhelmed with our clutter!

Research shows that people are overwhelmed with too many choices in their lives, so they often experience option overload.

People often respond to option overload in two ways:

  1. They get overwhelmed so they stall out, and do nothing.
  2. They choose to do something but are unsatisfied because it wasn’t perfect.

I have a secret piece of wisdom:
Done is better than perfect!!!

Learn to limit your choices and lower your expectations and you will overcome option overload!  Learn how to cut your organization projects down to size, through a step-by-step process with the I CAN DO IT Organization Guide.

Remember STARTING is

more important than finishing.

Although finishing is important, if you don’t start you will never finish!  Hah!  This sounds ridiculous, but seriously it applies to all of us.  How much of our lives have we waited until we felt like starting but never started?

I will tell you how to get started.

Here’s the secret:


Instead of organizing the whole house, focus on one room a month.  For example, last year, I wrote a list of 60 items to organize or repair in my house.  I felt so overwhelmed and depressed when I thought about that list that I wouldn’t even look at it, let alone work on it.

I was experiencing option overload.

Here’s the secret:

Organize one room a month!

I have been organizing one room a month this year.  I love using this plan, because having a “room a month” gives me a focus, a goal, and a deadline!  It helps me make quick decisions and stick with it!  I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I am enjoying the organization journey and renewal as my home improves each month!  I plan a celebration party to show off my room each month which gives me a fun goal to work towards!

I absolutely love it!

January – I organized and hung pictures in my Master Bedroom
(January Celebration:  Show off tour for my mom, sisters, and girlfriends.  They couldn’t believe my husband loves me so much that he let me paint the room pink!)

February – I organized the Family Great Room
(February Celebration:  Valentine Dinner Dance in that room.  Each couple in the family sang a serenade to eachother.  Jeremy and I performed “Are we Dancing?” and we had a delicious Thai food dinner! )

March – I am organizing the Library this month!
(March Celebration:  Once organizing is done, I get to work for 4 hours without interruption on any art project of my choice!)


This worksheet is a sample page to plan how you will organize your home. The blank worksheet is found in The Queen Bee’s House Organization Workbook, an e-book that one may download at

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