How do I make organization easy?

Make your house easy to clean by working with your family’s habits.

What exactly does this mean?

It means that when designating “homes” for your stuff, consider the habits your family already has before creating a new home for it, such as if the family kicks their shoes off by the front door, place a basket by the door so it it’s easy to keep the house looking good and the family can feel relaxed and shoe-free.    Designate homes for items where the family is inclined to already put them, then label the new home, and then train the family to put things away in their new home.


It takes a long time to create a new habit, so work with the habits your family already has and create win-win solutions.

Notice the labels make it easy for putting things away correctly.

Notice the labels make it easy to put things away correctly.


Office supplies are out of the toddler’s reach and labeled so it’s easy retrieve and return items.

One person had a library with office supplies she wanted to place in 2 small cabinets for easy access, however she also had a curious toddler that had a confetti party with the drawers contents on a regular basis.  Picking up hundreds of paper clips, file tabs, and staples was no longer working for her, so toys were placed in the low lying office drawers and office supplies were placed on a higher shelf beyond the toddlers grasp.  Problem solved!  It’s a win-win.  The toddler loves toys that are easy to grab and Mom loves having access to her office supplies.

Another example:

For example, one husband dumps the contents of his pockets, wallet, coins, and so forth on the bathroom vanity which the wife dislikes.  She works with this habit by designating the top drawer of the vanity for her husband’s junk.  Now, when she wants the vanity clean she just slides the contents into the drawer, shuts the drawer, and she’s got a beautiful vanity.  When he wants to know where his wallet is, she says, “Check your drawer love.”

Remember, “Work with your families habits” and designate “homes” for your items so it makes it easy to stay organized.  Label your containers and train the family to put things away correctly every time.

Your friend,
Krystal Meldrum
The Queen Bee