How to Declutter

Remember, everything you own, owns a piece of you. The less you own, the less you have to put away, fix, find, and organize.

How do you want to spend your time? Shuffling stuff or having time for yourself and building relationships?

Cut everything by 50% or more . . . did that number shock you?

Don’t worry about it.  Let the law of flow into your life!  If you are not using it, then let it flow away and better things will flow back to you.  Try it and see if it works!


Notice how empty the counters are!

Notice how empty the counters are!

How to Declutter your kitchen:

Remove 50% of the stuff of your counters.

The kitchen isn’t as inviting if the counters are covered with clutter.  Put items behind cupboards or in long-term storage and create visual peace.

This children's closet is not bursting so it's easy for a child to clean up and get dressed each day.

This children’s closet is not bursting, so it’s easy for a child to dress and clean up.

How to De-clutter the clothes,

so the laundry monster doesn’t rule!!!

We all have too many clothes! A mother of 9 taught me that the less clothes you own, the less laundry you have to do.

You should only be doing about one load of laundry per person per week. So a family of 8 should only have 8-10 loads of laundry a week.

A family of 4 should be doing 4-6 loads a week.

Are you doing 10-20 loads of laundry a week? Count them! You may be surprised.

Pioneers had 2 outfits and an apron. Why do we need so many clothes? Limit your wardrobe by only allowing 2-7 outfits for children, 10 outfits for babies and toddlers, and don’t let the adults clothes expand beyond your closet.

Organize your bookcase  so it's pleasing to the eye and inviting to pick a book to read.  Notice how my talented sister decorates her home by stacking books by color between decor!

 Notice how my talented sister decorates her home by stacking books by color!  The books become her decor – fulfilling form and function.

How to Declutter your books:

Get rid of 50% your books.

Go to the library. Go digital. Only keep rereads.

If you feel you can’t part with a book, write in the book a note, “I really loved this book and I hope you will enjoy it too.” Let the book flow into someone else’s hands and heart and be blessed.  More great books will flow into your life if you let beauty flow out.

How to Declutter your toys: Only keep 2-3 toys.

Or create strict limits or  . . . hide them!

Most children can’t clean their playroom because they have WAY TOO MANY TOYS!

My friend homeschools her children and they have 6 dress ups, 6 race cars, and 2 dolsl so the playroom is super easy to clean and the mom has oodles of time to do school instead of shuffling clutter. Simplifying her life has bought her time to create memories reading and playing in nature with her children. Think of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie who had her dog, her sister, a doll, and her imagination and it was plenty of fun.

Our children have too much. Give them paper and they can make their own toys.  I know a famous artist named grew up drawing his own toys and now he’s a world-renowned painter!

Another tip:  Tell your friends to not send gifts for birthdays or Christmas.  They can send money for your child’s savings or make a memory some other way.

We all have 24 hours in a day.  You get to create the life you want with the people and stuff in your life.  Don’t let STUFF control YOUR LIFE!  DECLUTTER!  You can do it!

Your friend,

Krystal Meldrum
The Queen Bee