How to Motivate Yourself to Organize

How do You Motivate Yourself to Organize?

In the book titled The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life Taylor Hartman explains how each person’s personality has strengths and weaknesses, motivating factors, and fears, etc.  By understanding the 4 personalities types you will understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can understand how to motivate yourself to organize.

First, “know thyself” to understand what motivates you.

Are your red, white, blue, or yellow?

No personality type is better than others.  We need all types.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help you organize since you will know where you excel and how to overcome roadblocks.

Learn about you and your family's personality strengths and weaknesses so you can organize with synergy!

Learn about you and your family’s personality strengths and weaknesses so you can organize with synergy!

Do you have a red, yellow, white or blue personality?

Red personalities:  Great leaders, good delegators, hardworking, good habits and routines, dependable.  Motivated by accomplishment.  Similar to a Lion – King of the Jungle.
Yellow personalities:  Fun, love people and socializing, relaxed, spontaneous, creative.  Motivated by fun.  Similar to a monkey – the life of the party.
White Personalities:  Planners, thinkers, researchers, lots of creative endeavors, list makers.  Motivated by peace.  Similar to an owl – the wise, old owl.
Blue Personalities:  Helpful, service-oriented, caring people, help others to be comfortable and happy.  Motivated by helping others.  Similar to a bunny – the loveable, cuddly Easter Bunny.

Still struggling to discover you and your families personality styles?

Go to for a free helpful survey you can take online to discover your personality styles.

What are your organizing and motivation roadblocks?

Red Personality

Controlaphobia: fear of delegating to others when organizing.
Funaphobia:  fear of having fun.

Yellow Personality

Training-your-team-aphobia:  fear of training children, husbands, and self to organize.
Finishaphobia:  Fear of staying on task and finishing the organization project.
Planaphobia:  Fear of gaining the proper knowledge, team, and tools to organize.

White Personality

Decidaphobia:  Fear of making decisions when organizing.
Mistakeaphobia:  Fear of making mistakes and being paralyzed by perfection.

Blue Personality

Gettinghelpaphobia:  Fear of getting help from others when organizing.
Timeaphobia:  Fear of not having enough time to organize.
Changeaphobia:  Fear of changing things because it may make others uncomfortable.

Get a Buddy to help Motivate Yourself to Organize

Talk to a friend about how to overcome your organization hurdles.  For example, I am a white personality and my biggest hurdle is Decidaphobia – I struggle making decisions.  This year I decided to organize one room a month and I wrote a master list of which room to rganize each month.

But then I lost my list!

It may sound ridiculous but I wondered around for 3 weeks wondering where my list was.  I thought about organizing but I couldn’t decide which room to start on!

Finally, I talked to my friend about my goal and asked her which room I should do.  She helped me realize I didn’t need to worry about the list – just get started organizing!  It sounds like a no brainer, but it got me going!

Pray for Help to Motivate Yourself to Organize

Remember, the greatest friend you will ever have is your Heavenly Father and He can help you overcome your hurdles when you pray.  Pour out your heart and tell Him your challenges and what you want to accomplish.  Watch and see miracles occur for you and your family!  God will help you.  We are meant to become well balanced, organized, and happy.

Your friend,
Krystal Meldrum
The Queen Bee

P.S.  Which personalities are the members of your family?

Most children are Yellow because they mostly care about having fun and being with friends.  Figure out how to make it fun for them to organize with you.  Do you need music, a reward, a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel so they know when the project will be done so they can go play?

Please comment so we can learn how you motivate your team.