How do I make organization easy?

Make your house easy to clean by working with your family’s habits. What exactly does this mean? It means that when designating “homes” for your stuff, consider the habits your family already has before creating a new home for it, such as if the family kicks their shoes off by the front door, place a basket by the door so it it’s easy to keep the house looking good and the family can feel relaxed and shoe-free.    Designate homes {Read More}

How do I organize one room a month?

Hello everybody, I hope you are enjoying your spring! I have been having a blast organizing one room a month this year, and I wanted to tell you about my journey. In January I did the Master Bedroom.  In February I did the Family Room and my daughter’s room.  March was the library.  April was the Mudroom and Front hall closet.  I want to tell you what I’ve learned in hopes that it will inspire you to get organizing! Things {Read More}

How do I start organizing my house?

Do you ever feel like you don’t know where to start organizing? The average American home has 20,000-40,000 items! That is a staggering, overwhelming amount of objects to organize.  To give you a comparison, understand that the average university basketball stadium has 20,000 seats.  If it’s a little intimidating to find your seat at the stadium, imagine how hard it might be to find the nails you bought last year.  No wonder we feel stressed and overwhelmed with our clutter! {Read More}

The Queen Bee’s House Organization Workbook is coming soon!

Krystal Meldrum and Margaret Cooper, a mother daughter team, have written The Queen Bee’s House Organization Workbook to help busy moms get organized.  It’s a one month guide that will teach you how to maintain, organize and de-clutter your entire home with a room-a-month program. In Week 1 you will learn how to take care of the Queen Bee, fill your bucket and maintain your hive, in Week 2 you will learn how to design the hive and plan your {Read More}

Training Children to do Chores

I remember my aunt tell me about a day when her husband took one of the boys to work out on the farm and left her with the other 8 children to clean the house. She commenced to keep 8 children on task cleaning and was challenged to the max.  When her husband came in he said, “Well, you didn’t get much done and you had 8 workers.”  She replied,”Next time, why don’t you take the 8 children and I’ll {Read More}

Free House Organization Mini-Class

Hi there everyone! I teach free one hour House Organization classes to church, community, and school groups. We always have a wonderful time as we discuss together how to maintain your hive with the fabulous five! In this fast placed life we all need to know the basics of house and family organization!  We will learn how to maintain and organize your home and family with a crash course class that will get you buzzing! Please contact me at {Read More}

House Organization Class is Jan. 23, 30, Feb. 6, 13, 2014

Please join us on for our 4 week class on the Thursday evenings Jan. 23, 30 and February  6, and 13, 2014 from 7-9 p.m. at Salem Hills High School where you will learn 8 powerful principles that will empower you to create order in your home. These amazing time tested principles will insure you results and your ability to maintain order like never before.  You will implement a plan that works with your family’s habits and you will be {Read More}