How to Clean & Organize your House & Family

As the Queen Bee of your home, you need a system to maintain your home each week so you are using powerful routines to bless your life, instead of dealing with chaos with haphazard results. Let’s learn how to maintain your hive with the Fabulous Five! Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Much of the clutter in a house is because no one has designated a “home” for each item.  Decide on a home for {Read More}

Top 5 Reasons to Digitize Your Movies

I am excited to introduce Steven Cooper to you.  He has a wife and two kids.  He is the creator of and  I have invited him to share his insights to solve the common problems of organizing your movies.  (Hint, your kid is the solution to this problem.) The days are over for having a huge entertainment center full of DVDs, Blue-rays, and VHS tapes.  Flat screen TVs fit perfectly hanging on the wall with an adjustable wall {Read More}