Closet Organization

Is there a closet you can’t stand?

Do you have 30 minutes?

Let’s make a difference in your world.  Go to your closet.  Let’s create order and beauty!

open closet

The bad news:  This closet was crammed, needed containers, and needed someone to declutter it.  The good news:  Everything was in the dressing region; the laundry hamper, shoes, clothes, mirror, etc. are all in one area.

5 Steps to Organize A Closet:

Step #1:  Get Your Supplies

You will need the following:

  • Grab 5 large boxes
  • 2 black garbage sacks
  • a wet rag
  • a permanent marker

Step #2:  Take everything off the shelf or out of the closet.

If you skip this step you are wasting your time.  By taking it out you will see allof items, and you will see the space with new eyes and new possibilities!  Just do it, TAKE IT ALL OUT NOW!!!!!!

Now wash off the shelf.

Step #3:  Label your boxes

Line the donation and trash box with the black garbage sacks.  Just like the princess that kissed the toad to reveal the true prince, we are going to kiss your closet goodbye to reveal a closet worthy of a queen.  Remember the acronym T.O.A.D.S. to label each box. Use your marker and label your 5 boxes Trash, Other Room, Action, Donations, and Storage.

Step #4: Speed sort.

Speed sorting is the meat and potatoes step!  Read ALL of this step!!!

Remember the acronym L.U.M.P.  Ask yourself the three questions!
L stands for the question “Do I LOVE it?”

U stands for the question “Do I USE it?”

M stands for “Will I MISS it?”  If there are two No’s then out it goes!

P stands for “PASS it on.”

Answer these questions in seconds so you gain momentum.  The answer is either yes or no . . . no maybes.  It can be difficult to answer all 3 questions quickly.  Get a buddy if it takes you longer than 5 seconds to make a decision on each item.  Find a buddy who is somebody that loves you, but not your stuff and you’ll be amazed as you declutter.

Sort what you can into your 5 boxes and put everything else on the floor as close by the closet.  Don’t walk clear across the room with all that stuff because it takes too much time.  Make quick decisions as you sort because you might be interrupted and not be able to finish.  Don’t repair broken items, or peruse old letters and yearbooks.  Let’s just get this job done!

girl nursery closet organization

Are the doors to your closet a pain in the neck? Either fix them, put in new runners, or remove them entirely and make the closet as cute as a button and know will care if it has doors or not.

Pick up each item and make a quick decision.

  • The Trash is for things that are garbage, broken or junk.
  • The Other Room box is for the items that need to be delivered to another room.  Don’t take them right now or you might get sidetracked and not come back and finish.
  • The Action box is for that have an urgent. Don’t want to put them away right now or repair them.  Just put these items in the Take Action box.  If you put these things away or repair them now, you may get distracted and not finish your project.  You probably won’t finish in 15 minutes either, if you don’t follow this suggestion.
  • The Donations box is for you to donate anything that you don’t use, don’t love, or won’t miss to a charity.  You are blessing someone’s else’s life and yours too!  In my opinion storing clutter for a potential garage sale isn’t worth it.  Garage sales take too much time because of gathering all your junk together, pricing everything, advertising the garage sale, losing possibly 3 Saturdays in gathering, selling, and taking stuff to the charity, dealing with the emotions of selling things that you paid good money for – for 80-90% off, and then you still have to take a trip to the charity store to drop it off the stuff that didn’t sell.  It isn’t worth the time, energy, and money in my opinion.  The worst part is that we can keep too much clutter stored for too long because we might have a sale.  Sometimes all the clutter we clear and save for a garage sale has a way of finding itself back into our home which is unraveling the order and beauty you created.  Just race your donations box to the charity of your choice and know that you will be blessed in many ways!
  • The Storage box is for long-term storage.  If you use the item less than once a month then it needs to be taken to a storage area.  Storage can’t be in prime real estate areas in the home.  For example, box up the clothes that don’t fit right now and give them away or store them!  Keep clothes in your closet that make you feel and look great right now.  Don’t hang up any “guilt trip outfits” that you hope to fit into someday.  Love yourself where you are right now because you’re beautiful.

After you’ve finished sorting, put everything back that you use at least once a month or more.  If you use it less than once a month put it in long-term storage or donate it.

Step #5:  Finish Up!

Now dump the trash, drop off the donation items, and finish putting away your take action box.  “Bee” a finisher!  Now put up your feet and take the time to reread that old yearbook if you want.  You’ve done an excellent job!

If you want to shut the closet doors you could make curtains that won’t break as easily as closet doors!

closet curtain

Who needs closet doors when a curtain works great?  These were shower curtains sewn into closet curtains instead.

One of the best ways to hang ties or pj’s is the tie hanger from Ikea.

hanging organizer

I love this handy tie, scarf, pajama organizer.

Komplement is just $7.99, and holds a ton of ties in a very small space (the space of a hanger.)  It has 28 hand size holes to hang multiple ties.  I wish I had 3-4 of these little babies because they are so handy, lightweight, affordable, and ties don’t slip off very easily.

Good Luck,

Krystal Meldrum


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