Daily Routines: The Fabulous Five

Maintain your hive with the Fabulous Five!  The Fabulous Five are 5 daily routines that will put your house organization on auto pilot.

1. Create a daily routine.

Routines take the indecision, guilt and procrastination out of your day.  Choose a morning and/or evening routine that helps accomplish your daily goals.

Here’s mine:  Up, Bed, Dressed, Pray, Power Hour, Plan Dinner

Up –  Decide a time to wake up and wake at the same time daily.
Bed – Make your bed to have the tidy habit started.
Dressed – Get dressed from makeup to shoes.
Pray – Put God first and He will bless your day.
Power Hour – Fill your bucket.  Do something that makes you happy.  I write or paint for an hour.
Plan Dinner – Plan dinner in the morning before lunch.

Other items on a daily routine could be a load of laundry, checking the calender, homework with children, processing papers or mail, reading, quick cleaning an area such as the bathroom, etc.  Teach your children to have a daily morning routine too!  Ours is “Up, Bed, Dressed, Pray, let’s have a great day.”  I ask them each morning, “is your foundation done?”

Take the Queen Bee Dress Up Challenge.  Dress up whether you are going out or not early in the day from hair to shoes.  The media has a lot of beautiful people influencing our children negatively.  Be a beautiful influence in your children’s lives by looking nice.  SWEATS ARE NOT OKAY!  Be a sharp, snappy dresser even if you’re working out or cleaning.

2.  Use a planner and calender.

The Queen Bee CANNOT remember everything!  Choose an electronic or paper planner or a combo. Don’t forget a calender that the family can see so they can check the plan for the day.

Paper Planners:
Little Fat Notebook
Control binder
Dry Erase Board
Paper tacked on fridge
Post-it notes

Electronic planner:
Smart Phone

3.  Implement a weekly deep cleaning system.

You could use a room zone system, stewardship system, day of the week system, dry erase job board, hire it out, or do all the deep cleaning on Friday or Sat. so weekends can be free.

  • A zone system is having certain people in charge of specific areas, (keep a checklist in the room.)
  • Stewardships are when each person has different responsibilities such as cooking, quick pick up cleaning, deep cleaning, shopping, yard care, etc.
  • The day of the week system is where each day of the week has one deep cleaning focus such as Monday – Laundry, Tuesday – mop & bathrooms, Wed. – papers, Thurs – yard/ outdoors, Fri- errands or service, Sat – recreate, Sunday – rest.
  • Daily jobs on a dry erase board.  Hang a dry erase board and write a few jobs on it daily for children.
  • Hire Help.  Hiring it out can be cheaper than you think.  Hire a professional or a teenager.  I hired a young woman for $5.00 an hour for 2 hours a week for 5 years.  She deep cleaned with me on Tuesdays which took away the guilt and indecision and it was the best money I ever spent!

4.  Clean the kitchen after every meal.

THIS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE OVERNIGHT!  If you don’t do this perfectly, then NO MATTER WHAT empty the sink and start the dishwasher EVERY NIGHT.  Establish this habit with your family.

5.  Tidy as you go.

If you get something out, put it away.  When you come in the house, put the keys in their home.  Hang up your coat in its home.  When you get out of bed, make the bed, etc.  Train your husband and children to do the same.

So, remember do the Fabulous Five and you will create an organized life!  Once you have integrated the Fabulous Five Routines you are ready to go on to the I. C.A.N. D.O. I.T. Organization Guide to organize your house.

  1. Use a daily morning routine
  2. Use a planner and calender
  3. Clean the kitchen every night
  4. Use a weekly house cleaning system
  5. Tidy as you go

Your friend,

Krystal Meldrum

P.S. Do the Fabulous Five for one month to see how it can change your life!

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