Drawer Organization

Here is a standard kitchen junk drawer.  To organize it you will need some shoeboxes, or plastic, or wooden containers to organize the space.  I got 3 Christmas boxes and organized our kitchen junk drawer into them.


Take everything out of the drawer.

Step 2:  CLEAN

Wash out the drawer.


Choose containers that fill the space with ease.  You could purchase plastic containers or simply use gift or shoe boxes.  If you are going to purchase your organization container, then make sure to measure the spaces’ length, height, and depth.  Write down the measurements. Take your measurements and measuring tape to the store to make sure the containers will fit.


Sort the items into your container;  for example you could have a box for crayons, pens/pencils, and miscellaneous.  Place the boxes in the drawer.  If the boxes slip around then fold up a rag and put it in the back of the drawer to hold the boxes in place.  My boxes didn’t fill the space so I had a long, empty space to store scissors and rulers.

Step 5:  LABEL

Don’t forget to label your boxes or all your work will be undone before you can say BOO!


Here’s a before photo from the top down:

pen pencil junk drawerDo you have a drawer that looks like this?

Here’s a before photo from the side:

pen pencil junk drawerHow long would it take to find a paper clip in this drawer?

Here’s an after photo from the top down:

organized pen pencil junk drawerBy using 3 boxes I created 4 spaces for crayons, pens/pencils, scissors, rulers and misc.

Here’s the after photo from the side:

organized pen pencil junk drawerThis is a better container because it’s functional and nicer looking then ragged cardboard boxes but these boxes will get looking dirtier and harder to clean from pencil marks.


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