Help With Hoarding

Hoarding affects approximately one third of the population.  That’s a lot of people who feel frustrated, alone, and distressed.  It doesn’t matter why a person gathers too much stuff; almost everyone struggles with clutter at times.  Perhaps, you think you’re a hoarder, however maybe you just don’t know how to get organized or haven’t got the organization skills you need to stay organized.

Well, those problems can be solved!

All you need is great information and some life skills to be on your way!  I will give you all the organization tips you need to get organized!  To learn how to organize your whole home read the I. C.A.N. D.O. I.T. Organization Guide to learn how to get motivated, make a plan, declutter, speed sort, label, and train others to maintain your organization work.

But, sometimes hoarding can occur because of deeper emotional issues.  That’s okay.  One may think that hiring a team of professional organizers to organize your home will help with hoarding, but it won’t solve the problem.  The challenge is deeper than that.

Inspirational True Story:


I remember one day my aunt saw Scott Gustafson’s “Journey Begins” painting hanging in my parent’s home.  My aunt asked if I had painted it.  I couldn’t believe she thought I could paint that well. It inspired me to try to copy the masterpiece.

I talked to Scott Gustafson and he said I could copy it as long as I didn’t sell it.  I drew the painting and put in the first layer of sepia toned paint.  Then I waited for months, hesitating because I was fearful my painting would not turn out well.

scott gustafson

Finally, I got going on the painting again.  I thought I couldn’t paint the intricate, astrological medallion in the top right hand corner.  I thought I’d leave the medallion unfinished and hope no one would notice it, until I got a great tip!

overcoming weaknesses painting

  I was reading about the famous artist Joseph Brickey whose New York art instructor had told him to “attack his weakness.” This hit me! I shouldn’t run away from my weakness, I should ATTACK IT!  So I did, I attacked it.  I just painted it and let it dry, painted it and let it dry, and pretty soon it was a masterpiece! I couldn’t believe it!

I was so happy I had overcome my weakness.  I feel like I can paint anything now!  I would encourage you to attack your weakness, whether it’s hoarding, making your bed, or training your children to work.  You can do it!  Do one step today towards your goal and you will eventually achieve it!

3 Steps to Help With Hoarding:

  1. The first step is REALIZATION.  One needs to realize there is a problem and not be in denial about hoarding.  Can you walk in a room without boxes or junk being stacked to your knees or waist?  Can you let things go?  Or does it cause you to experience panic or extreme emotions?
  2. The second step is to TALK to a friend, counselor or professional organizer about the hoarding issue.  Hoarders need to process the emotions and beliefs to heal.  I also would advise to pray for help as well.  You are meant to live in a peaceful environment and especially to feel peaceful in your heart.
  3. The third step is to work through your wrong beliefs and CREATE TRUE, NEW BELIEFS.  80% of what we believe about ourselves and our world is decided by the time we are 10 years old.  Some of our beliefs were created as young as when we are 2 years olds.  Many of those toddler beliefs are irrational and need to be reprocessed to overcome hoarding.

Hoarders are just like everyone else – they need a support system, organization knowledge, and they need to figure out their old beliefs and replace them with positive new beliefs.

Here’s a Hoarding Example:

If a person collects too many books, they may have a wrong belief that they need stacks and towers of books, so they won’t ever get bored or so they can find the information they need right at their fingertips.  To flip this they could create a new belief like the following:

“I have abundance of access to knowledge to keep my mind interested and I can find the right information when I need it.”

If a person struggles with hoarding they may have a belief that there is not enough material goods for all the people in the world.  Since there is not enough, a person may hoard so they feel that they can guarantee they will always have enough.

Byron Katie who wrote Loving What Is teaches how to help find your truth by asking 2 powerful questions:

    • Is it true?

    • Is it absolutely true?

Is there enough in the world or not?

The truth is that their IS AN ABUNDANCE and to spare in the world.

Ask yourself, is this true?

Listen to your heart.

It will tell you that there is more than enough in the world.  My belief is the following:  “There is enough and to spare.  So why don’t I share?”  My mom’s policy is that she gives away anything she’s not using if someone wants it.  It works great for her and I’ve adopted her policy as well.  So my sisters and I give away clothes, jewelry, furniture, and all sorts of things and it works great!

So, let the clutter go.  Give away what you don’t need or want and be open to receiving what you need and want, AFTER you’ve given the extra away.

Best Wishes,



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