Jewelry Organization

Organize Jewelry into Regions:

A region is an area where you put like items with like items.  For example, if you were creating a dressing region you would put your dresser, shoes, socks, dirty clothes hamper, and closet in one region so you can get dressed quickly in one area.

When organizing jewelry it’s handy to have the jewelry region by the dressing or makeup region.  It’s also handy to have a mirror in the region.

How do you declutter your jewelry?

De-junk with the following clutter tips:

Remember the acronym L.U.M.P.  If you don’t want your jewelry organizer to look like lumps and loads of junky jewelry tangled together, then answer yes or no to these 3 questions:

  • L stands for the question “Do I LOVE it?”
  • U stands for the question “Do I USE it?”
  • M stands for “Will I MISS it?”  If there are two No’s then out it goes!
  • P stands for “PASS it on.”

Answer these questions in seconds so you quickly see results in just minutes of de-cluttering.  To get motivated you could host a jewelry swap to give yourself a deadline to go through your jewelry.

How to host a Jewelry Swap:

If you are getting too much jewelry or getting tired of all your old jewelry – have a girlfriend jewelry swap.  Everyone brings what they don’t like anymore.  Then everyone goes around the circle choosing one piece at a time.  We have a jewelry swap with my family which is 11 girls and it’s a lot of fun.  Everyone shares and it’s a really cheap way to get some new jewelry.

Jewelry and necklace organizerHere’s a wall-hung jewelry organizer.  It’s nice to keep your treasures above toddlers’ reach.  Notice the white vase to the left that holds the bracelets.

Here’s the jewelry box again when shut:

jewelry organizerThis organizer was a surprise gift that my sister’s husband made for her.

Here’s another jewelry organization idea:

jewelry organizerThis earring organizer is just a frame with chicken wire in it. Underneath are 3 coat hooks for any length necklace.

Here’s a close up of the earring organizer:

earring organizerYou have to buy a yard of chicken wire from most hardware stores, so my friend bought it and some extra frames at a thrift store and made several earring organizers to give as gifts.

Here’s a close up on the easy necklace organizer:

necklace organizerCoat hooks can be necklace hooks.

Here’s another idea:

jewelry organizerThis jewelry organizer hangs 3 types of pierced earrings (studs, hooks, and continuous hooks) and has knobs for necklaces as well.

Here’s a close up on the earrings:

jewelry organizerThis jewelry organizer is located in the bathroom right outside the clothes closet.  After getting dressed, the woman can put on her makeup, and jewelry all in one region.

Here’s another close up:

necklace organizerThese hooks hang several necklaces.

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