I CAN DO IT Organization Guide

Basic Overview:

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There are 20,000-40,000 objects in the average American house.  Check out these statistics:

  • U.S. children get an average of 70 new toys a year.
  • One box of Legos has over 600 pieces.
  • Uno and other card games have over 100 cards each.
  • Children on average have 10 pairs of shoes.
  • Women on average have 19 pairs of shoes.

We have thousands of objects that can fill up our house.  Everything we own, owns a piece of us.  Each item needs a home.  Each item must be cared for, repaired, used, put away, lost, found, replaced, and disposed of.  It can take a lot of emotional and mental energy to manage.  How do we manage all this stuff, so it doesn’t manage us?

How to Organize your House:

There are two steps to organization which are first the thinking, then the doing.  The BRAINWORK then the HOUSEWORK.

Most people skip the brainwork and go straight to the housework because they don’t know how to think the project through to the end.

I will teach you how to think through and organize your house with the I. C.A.N. D.O. I.T. Organizing Guide.

One of my favorite scriptures is Phillipians 4:13 which states the following:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

It said ALL things, not just some things.  With God nothing is impossible – even organizing your house of 20,000-40,000 objects and living a balanced, happy, intentional life.  I quote this scripture to myself all the time whenever I think there is something I can’t do.  Remember this scripture when you hit roadblocks to creating your happily organized house.

  • The acronym “I Can Do It!” can help you remember the 8 steps of organization.
  • “I Can” stands for the 4 thinking phase words.
  • “Do it” stands for the 4 steps of the action phase.

“I” stands for Imagine the life of your dreams.

What do you want to experience in your house, family, and life?  Don’t focus on the material possessions you want, focus on the feelings and experiences that you want in your home with your family.  Focus, on just one room.  Perhaps, the kitchen.  Create a vision in your mind or on a paper of your dream life in your kitchen.  What do you envision?  What are the memories you want to create in your kitchen before your last baby leaves the nest?

“C” stands for Create Motivation to be organized.

Find your motivation.  Organization is going to take consistency and endurance.  You need to discover why you want to get organized.  Your “why” will carry you through the stumbling blocks of distraction, the discouragement stones of indecision, and over the clutter, chasm of chaos during your journey.

My motivation is because I want my family and I go to heaven which is a beautiful, orderly place and so I try to make my home a little piece of heaven right now on earth.

“A” stands for Assess your personality, piles, and purpose of the room.

This is the usually the most challenging step, but the most important brainwork step you will do because it helps you learn how to design “homes” for your stuff in a system that works for your family.  You will learn how to create regions that make it easy for your family to put away their items.  Click Assess to learn more about this critical step or read The Queen Bee’s House Organization Workbook to make your plan.

“N” stands for Note Down your written action plan.

Draw a sketch of your floor plan and put the regions on paper.  It’s far easier to fix your plan on paper than having to move everything several times in real life.

“D” stands for Determine the Container to use. 

Find containers that fill the space with “a perfect fit.”  Lose the lids so people will be more likely to put things away.

“O” stands for Organize!

Finally, your are actually moving things.  First, remove everything from the closet.  Wash the shelves, dust, vacuum and clean the floor quickly.  Then speed sort into 5 boxes which are labeled Trash, Give Away, Other Room, Storage, and Take Action.  Don’t get sidetracked by putting away the boxes, just stay focused and SORT!  Only put back what you really want, need or use at least once a month or more.

“I” stands for Inscribe on each container.

This means to label all boxes with a marker, labeler, or words or pictures so everyone can put things away correctly.  Inscribing is critical!!!  Do you really think the family can memorize where everything goes in the entire house?  Label on each container so that EVERYONE can put things away EVERYTIME.  Inscribe.  Inscribe.  Inscribe.

“T” is for the Traits that sustain your systems daily.

Create housecleaning systems, daily routines, and habits so your house stays clean and organized.  After all, you’ve gone to all the work to organize your house, now maintain it so it stays beautiful.  YOU’RE WORTH IT!

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