Organize Your House in 90 Days

It is possible to organize your house and family in 90 days!  You are the Queen Bee.  You just need the right information, motivation, and cooperation and you can have the peaceful, organized hive you dream of!

Step 1:  Get Motivated with a Party!

Invite your friends and family to see your newly organized home at an open house tour you host in your house in 90 days.  Put the date on your calendar.  Now, you have a deadline! Plan on having the party no matter what, even if you only get half the house organized.  Show them that!  That is still amazing.  You can get organized and having your party to celebrate your sweet success will be a powerful motivator.

Step 2:  How the System Works

Each week work on the weekly goal for the week.  In 3 months time you’ll feel like you have a home flowing with sweet organization!  The first month is spent organizing yourself, your family, and your systems.  The second and third month are spent organizing the inside and outside of your home.

Step 3:  Get A Support Team

YOU NEED SUPPORT.  Remember bees need other bees to create a sweet honey hive.  So do you.

Support Systems to Have:

1.  Get a buddy.

This is someone you call everyday and check in with about your 90 journey.  You could do it through email, a phone call, etc.  The phone call only has to take from 3-5 minutes.  You restate your goal every day to your friend.  The encourage you and don’t talk about negative things.  They help you see over and through roadblocks, and keep you motivated on your goal.

2.  Get a support system.

Your support system are 3-5 people that are friends or family that you could check in with once a week to tell them how you are doing on your goal.  This could be your husband, friends, family, neighbors, children or even neighbor children to help you do your projects.  It could be a neighbor that could help with babysitting or your worker bees children so you can organize or they may offer to help with an organization project.

3.  Get a mentor.

This person is an organization expert.  They could be a professional organizer, a friend that is good at organizing, a community education instructor, books by expert organizers like myself, the Flylady, Marie Ricks, etc.  The ideal situation would be someone that you could be in contact with during your 90 day journey when you have a big roadblock to discuss solutions and challenging organization solutions.


There are two main strategies to accomplish the 90 day goal.  Do you have the time, energy, and resources to do a giant organization marathon day once a week?  Or is your lifestyle more conducive to small daily organization projects?  I like marathon days where everyone helps get the job done, but my sister is a working gal and so organizing her home in shorter time frames works better for her.  Decide whether you’re going to do the project for the week in 1 day or split your room into 4 or more sections and do a section a day.


Discouragement is going to be one of the greatest challenges during your journey.  DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED.  Do whatever you need to do to stay positive and energized.  Call your buddy, mentor, or support team.  Take the day or week off if you have a bad week, but don’t quit altogether.  Get back on the wagon train and you’ll eventually reach your destination of a happily, humming organized homey hive!

Week 1:  How is your beehive?  Discover your priorities.

Steven R. Covey teaches the principle to “Put first things first.”  This is critical when organizing your home and family.  Choose your priorities wisely.

Here are my priorities:

  • God first,
  • then self,
  • husband,
  • children,
  • talents,
  • career,
  • & community.

Life is like a cascading 7 tiered beehive with a large foundation for the base and smaller and smaller beehive rings that stack on top.  The base of the hive is your foundation. My foundation is my belief in God, then my second tier is taking care of myself, the third tier is my husband, then my children, then my talents, career, & saving the world.  It’s so easy to get an unbalanced beehive.  Sometimes I want to save the world and by helping my community, but I have to regroup and realize that I need to save my family first and put first things first!

Homework Assignment #1:  How is your beehive?

What is your foundation?
What are your priorities?
Write them down.
Often, we know what we want, but struggle in making it a reality.  Now it’s time for assignment #2.

Homework Assignment #2:  What are your dreams?

Imagine the life you want in 20-40 years when your last child flies away from the nest:

Now, it’s time to make your your dreams a reality: it’s time to create a morning routine that will create the foundation for your ideal life.

Homework Assignment #3: Create a Morning Routine

Your morning routine is the foundation for your day.  Each morning needs a routine to flow through to create a successful life.  This routine is a handful of items to do each day that will help you be organized and prepared.

What are those items that you want or need to do everyday to create the life you want in 20 years?  Routines are powerful habits that keep you organized and on top of it.  If you have to reinvent a new system everyday to create a successful life then you’re wasting time daily in guilt, indecision, and procrastination.

Create a routine and stick to it.

Try your new morning routine for a week and see how you like it.  Tweak it the next week until you find a routine that works well for you.  A morning routine is a simple way to become productive everyday.  not reinvent the wheel everyday and become efficient and effective.

My morning routine is the following:

  • UP
  • BED
  • PRAY

By completing my routine I greet the day from a full plate, ready to dish out blessings to all I meet!

  • UP–  Don’t sleep in everyday.  Choose a wake up time and stick to it.  You don’t have to waste time lounging in bed wondering if you should wake up.  Go to bed at a decent hour.  Get up and start your day.  If your tired then take a nap later in the day.  I get up and drink a big glass of water to hydrate my body also as part of my UP routine.
  • BED– Make your bed.  Making your bed tells yourself that you are choosing to create order and beauty that day.  The bed is the largest item in a room, so when it’s done the bedroom looks practically clean.  What if your husband is still in the bed?  Just make it when he gets up.
  • DRESSED– Get dressed from your hair to your shoes.  Either get dressed, put on exercise clothes, or even cute, grubby clothes if you’re going to be deep cleaning.  You deserve to be beautiful everyday and the world wants to see you that way.  When you get dressed you are ready to greet visitors, work out, and be effective.  SWEATS DON’T COUNT because in my opinion they are still pajamas.
  • PRAY– Pray or meditate.  Thank the Lord for his blessings and ask him to help you that day.  Get yourself in a peaceful, powerful, inspired place.
  • POWER HOUR – A power hour is an hour where you put first things first in your life by reading scriptures, doing self-therapy, journaling, making plans, and exercising.  I read scriptures 20 minutes, journal or do self-therapy 20 minutes, plan or exercise for 20 minutes.  This helps me maintain balance and order in my life and keeps my spirit filled.
  • PLAN DINNER – Choose what you’re having for dinner in the morning.  Take one step towards dinner’s completion, like get the hamburger out to thaw, or if you have a busy night simply make dinner early in the day.  Then you’re ahead of the game and not frantically trying to come up with dinner at 5 pm.

Having a routine takes the indecision and wasted minutes out of life because you are dressed, filled, and prepared for a great day.  You are treating yourself as a professional!  Each day you’re not wasting time re-inventing your system.  Find a routine that works for you.  Sometimes I finish my routine by 8 am, 10:00 am, or 4 pm.  That’s okay.  Life takes flexibility.  Just make a decision on what your routine will be and stick to it!

Some days everything goes wrong – the baby’s sick, you didn’t get enough sleep, or you’ve been overworking, etc.  That doesn’t mean you are destined for a bad day.  My mother-in-law taught me that on bad days when your routine isn’t going well to just say a really heartfelt prayer, put a smile on, and choose to have a great day.

Some people put exercise, quick cleaning their bathroom or doing one load of laundry as part of their morning routine.  What items would you like in your morning routine to help you create an organized life?

***Organization Extra Tip:

Teach your children UP, BED, DRESSED, PRAY.  When your children move out of your home they will function at a high level because they won’t be sleeping in everyday like all their roommates.  They will have the ability to wake themselves up, get dressed like a respectable citizen, beautify their world and get the Lord’s help in their life.   Say it “UP, BED, DRESSED, PRAY – let’s make it a great day!”

Homework Assignment #3:  Take Before Photographs

Even if you’re embarrassed, just take the photos.  You are going to be amazed to see how your home changes in just 90 days!

Week 2:  Organize yourself on paper.

First write down on your calender your organization project for all 12 weeks so you know your weekly goal!

This is organizing the “brain” of your home.  Organizing yourself by getting a calendar and one or more of the following:  a planner, a dry erase board, a desk, a piece of paper to tacked, a control binder,  a clipboard, or a bulletin board.  Do what works for you.  You can’t remember everything so make a few lists about the dinner menu for the week, the children’s chores in a housecleaning system, scheduled activities, date night planned, how you are going to fill your bucket, etc.

Week 3:  Design a weekly Housecleaning System and have a Family Meeting

Get the worker bees involved!

Who will take out the trash?  Who will clean up the bedroom?  Will the Queen Bee do it all?  Or will she get everyone to help?  Families struggle with getting the house cleaning done – because it takes time, energy, motivation, and it’s has to be repeated continuously.  Make a house cleaning system to put the house cleaning on auto pilot.  Remember that the Queen Bee only does what only the Queen Bee can do.  Have a family council meeting where you talk about the plan and gain the family’s cooperation to delegate jobs, discuss the upcoming week’s events, and to discuss compliments and challenges in a calm, friendly environment.

Week 4: Read the I. C.A.N. D.O. I.T. Organization Guide

The organization skills and knowledge you need is in this simple 8 step guide.  Read the entire guide so you understand how to organize and you can see lots of house organization photo examples.  Click here for the I. C.A.N. D.O. I.T. Organization Guide.

Week 5:  Organize the Master Bedroom & Other Bedrooms

This includes boy, girl, and guest bedrooms.  Children need a place to call their own – such as a box, drawer, or desk for their treasures.  Organize all their dressing needs in one area including the socks, shoes, dirty clothes hamper, and clothes.  Then dressing and cleaning up is simple.  Have a bookcase or basket for books for reading and a good light source for reading.  You may want one small container of toys but not too many because they are going to have to be picked up daily.

Your husband is one of your highest priorities and so the Master Bedroom should show that importance.  It should be the most beautiful room in the home.  It should be a peaceful, beautiful, romantic oasis.  It is not a dumping ground to stash clutter.  If you are single – it should still be a restful place for you to rejuvenate.

Week 6:  Control Center & Home Office

Organizing the Control Center and Home Office is where the Queen organizes the brain of the home.  You need an area to organize bills, keys, cell phones, cell phone chargers, purses, wallets, calender, and mail so your not running ragged trying to find important things.

The Queen Bee can not remember everything!  So get organized and put your brain on paper.  Find a system that works for you either a dry erase board, a sheet of paper tacked on the fridge, a clipboard, a planner, or a control binder.  Refer to your “brain on paper” daily, and relax knowing that your important info is somewhere where you can access it and you know what you need to do.  Click here For more tips and ideas to create a home office and control center that works well.

Week 7:  Organize the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  This is where we feed our children’s bodies and their souls with nourishing food and interesting, thought provoking conversations.  It’s where we show how important our husband is to us by preparing something for him to eat after a long day working out in the world.  Organizing the Kitchen is a huge project and so it’s critical that you learned the baby steps of organization in Week 1-3 so you can attack such a gigantic project as the kitchen.  It may take longer than you expect, so organize the kitchen when you have the time and the house can look torn apart for a day or two.

Week 8:  Organize the Laundry Room & Bathrooms

Everyone will feel better about themselves if they can find clean clothes that match, so this week will focus on organizing the laundry room and the system you use to clean and repair your clothing so everyone stays looking nice.  The bathrooms are also this week so that everyone can get themselves looking nice everyday.  Everyone wants to be healthy and clean and be able to get ready each day so the bathroom is the next area of emphasis to organize.


Week 9:  Organize the Hobby Rooms, Playrooms, & Living Rooms

Organize a space for you that fills your bucket.  Is it your desk, sewing machine, reading nook, or exercise center?  An unhappy Queen Bee’s mood effects the whole hive until soon you have a swarm, not a team.  You are the only one that can discover what you love and what fills you up.  My mom quilts, I write, my sister sings, my cousin gets together with friends – the question is what do you do to fill your bucket?

Also, organize a place for your husband to “sharpen the saw” meaning a place for him to refuel his energy.  Does he enjoy t.v, woodworking, model airplanes?

Organize a toy space for the children which could be a container in the child’s room, a playroom, or cabinet or file cabinet with art supplies, playdo, watercolor paint, and a few games.

Organize the Living Room as well which is also an important place to organize because it’s the area that company and your neighbors will see.  Click here for living room ideas.

Week 10:  Organize the Entry ways, Exits, and Mudrooms & Send out Invitations for your Open house Tour

Don’t get discouraged.  You may be tempted to cancel your open house because your behind.  Don’t cancel.  Any progress forward toward organization is success!  You can do it.  Make sure to be calling your buddy and getting your support team involved so you achieve your goal!  Go to entryways and mudrooms for organization tips for these critical areas.

Week 11:  Organize the Closets & Storage rooms

Even though the closets and storage rooms are usually unseen – they are sometimes the hidden stash monster collectors that need someone who loves them and will declutter them as well.  Create a place of beauty so they can live in beauty as well as the rest of the house.  Make sure to label your containers in the closets and storage areas or the organization work you’ve done will be unraveled faster than you can say “bippity boppity boo.”

Week 12:  Organize the Garage and Yard

Get photo ideas here on organizing the garage and yard.  When your home is organized and clean you will be able to help in the community and still have a peaceful home to come home to?

Have your Open House Tour:  Celebrate Your Achievement!

You made your goal! Make some cookies and lemonade and have your friends over for your home tour party.  Don’t cry if it’s not perfect.  Look at all you have accomplished!  Show off your before photos and take a few after photos at your party so you remember your incredible journey.  You did it!  Way to go.

What’s next?

Decide a new 90 day goal and you’re off to achieve new dreams!

Your friend,

Krystal Meldrum


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