Playroom Organization


This darling kitchenette was made from an old tv entertainment center. So cute!


These toy bins work great and notice the awesome labels keep everything organized.

lego toy container

Legos are hard to deal with, but with a little training it can be a better experience. Put all the legos in a sheet in a bin, then let the children play with the legos with the sheet spread out. Clean up time is a cinch since all you have to do is take the 4 corners of the sheet and bag up all the legos into the toy bin.  Or get the Lego Alligator Sweeper which is a hand-held, rotating toy that vacuums up legos.


Sing the “Pick Up” song to make toy clean up time fun. It goes like this “Pick up, pick up, everybody everywhere. Pick up, Pick up everybody do your share.”


This is a great playroom because the hooks can hang dress ups, a few containers for toys that are up high so toddlers can’t dump them out, and a fun picnic table for coloring!







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