Routines and Schedules

Routine Tip #1:  Create a daily Routine

Everyday I go through my routine which is the following:  UP, BED, DRESSED, PRAY, POWER HOUR, PLAN DINNER.

I don’t get this routine done in one hour in the morning.  This is my daily routine which is the scaffolding that I build my day on.  As I take care of everyone else and put out fires all day, I go back to my routine when I have time and it accomplish it inbetween all my other duties.  My routine helps me put to put God first, fill my bucket, and have a lovely dinner ready every day.  Create your own routine that works for you.  Don’t make the routine too long or it will be too hard.  E-mail me and I’d love to hear what routine works for you.

Creating routines for children such as scheduled meal times, naptimes, and bedtimes give children a feeling of stability and peace in their life.  Sometimes we need to be flexible and adjust for the good of the entire family, especially when we have holidays, vacations, and weekend activities.  But usually the daily routine is followed.  There are 2 parenting styles when it comes to schedules which are child-centered parenting and family-centered parenting.

Child-centered parenting is when the family lives for the good of one individual in the family.  An example of this would be if the family wants to eat out and then they go to 5 different fast food stops to pick up each person’s dinner.

Family-centered parenting is when the family makes decisions based on the good of the whole family.   Say some family members want hamburgers and some want Mexican food, the family makes a decision that eating together and being united is more important than eating the perfect dinner at 5 different fast food stops.

Here’s another example:

Say a family has several children including an energetic toddler at Disneyland.  The toddler may get exhausted and have a tantrum because he needs a nap.  A child-centered family may cut the family’s vacation short for the good of the toddler.  A family-centered family would have the toddler be flexible and adjust himself by taking a nap in the stroller or going back to the hotel for a short nap and then continuing the day’s festivities so the whole family can enjoy the vacation.

These example paints a picture of the concept that child-centered parenting is focused on one person instead of family-centered family which is flexible and focuses on the whole family.

Routine Tip #2:  Make your bed everyday

If you already make your bed everyday then keep your great habit going.    I used to not be a bed-making believer, but I’m a believer now.  If you haven’t integrated this skill into your life, let me tell you the pro’s and con’s.

Con’s:  Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • If I make my bed, I’ll just mess it up again when I sleep in it.
  • Making a bed is waste of time and energy – especially since I’m going to take a nap or sleep in it later.
  • No one sees my bed, so why does it matter?
  • I’ll save time by not making my bed.
  • I don’t get paid to make my bed.
  • I’ll get more done if I don’t make my bed
  • Why should I make the bed – if my husband sleeps in it too?

Pro’s:  Try making your bed and see if it makes a difference.

  • You’re children will most likely follow your example.  If their mother doesn’t make their bed, then why should they?  We need to practice what we preach because actions DO speak louder than words.
  • It’s efficient to organize the biggest item first because it makes the biggest difference.  When the bed is made the room looks 50% better.
  • Making a bed creates beauty for yourself and for your family to enjoy.
  • By making one good choice to make your bed, you are more likely to make more good choices to beautify your world.
  • If your bed is made you are more likely to not lose things in your room.
  • You’ll burn more calories by making your bed.
  • We don’t get paid for everything we do that is of value – sometimes the value is just in getting to feel the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Making your bed pushes your day in the right direction.  You’ve already changed your room – thus you’ve changed your world.  You’re going to change the world.
  • You’ll probably get more done if you make your bed because you’ll feel more energized when you see your beautiful bedroom.
  • If your husband will make the bed, then that’s great.  Remember to choose your battles.  If this isn’t worth it – just bless your marriage and create a beautiful room for him to enjoy.
    make your bedMaking your bed makes a difference!

Routine Tip #4:  Do something to strengthen your relationships everyday.

Relationships are like plants.  Plants need daily sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil.  Likewise our families need daily love, work, and learning opportunities to keep growing.  Although it may not seem super important – mealtimes mean a lot to your family.
I recently heard a story about a woman whose husband was in prison and her 3 sons were in gangs.  She started making dinner every night for her boys and each of her boys took themselves out of their gang because they had someone to love them, somewhere to go, and something to learn from there mom each night.

Routine Tip #5:  Have a Family Meeting Once a Week

Have a meeting where you go over the weekly schedule with the whole family and make a plan for the week.  For more information go to Family Meetings to learn more about this awesome routine!


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