Step 1: Imagine

Imagination is the first step in the organization process.

“I” stands for Imagine the life of your dreams. .  .

You may want to race into an organization project right now, but actually the first step is to slow down and plan.  Find a quiet time where you won’t have any distractions, grab a pencil and paper, put on your thinking cap and design a vision of what you really want.

Imagine the home you want.  Imagine what each room would look like in your dreams.  Remember dreaming is free, and daydreaming is good for you.

This step can be as involved or as simple as you want.  It can take minutes or you can ponder it for days or even ponder that special bedroom you want to create for years until it finally comes to fruitition.

Let’s imagine what you want to create.

The Imagination Step:

Assignment #1:  Dream.  Dream.  Dream.

What would your dream home look like?  What would you do in your dream home?  I’m giving you permission to dream.  Would you have parties, read in quiet nooks, laugh, smile, talk to each other.

What do you really want?  Your home is a fascinating mystery to solve.  Your home is a riddle waiting to be pondered, questioned, planned, resolved, and enjoyed.  Don’t be in a rush to figure out every room to perfection today.   It will take time to discover what you really want in your home and that’s okay.

Imagine what your dream home would look like.  There are no time or price limits as you imagine the home of your dreams.  Dream big. Do you think the ultimate would be a little beach house in Hawaii?  Can you imagine yourself in a country parlor sipping tea?  Or do you think a European Estate would be more your style.  Do you see yourself lounging in a rustic cabin near a fireplace? Keep that picture and write it down.

  • *Note:  Don’t think that I’m saying you have to get a more expensive home or live in some exotic land.  But a little imagination can go a long way to create the home you desire right now.

Many people don’t understand what decor they love.  They don’t know what they really want in their home.  They don’t understand their personality, clothing, and decor style.  When it comes time to dream they won’t allow themselves to dream because they don’t think what they love is valid.  Once you figure out what you love then you can feel fine letting yourself have the decor you love.  It’s great to find your decor style because it’s easier to let go those high quality items that aren’t your style go to someone else and you can go shopping for what you love!

For example, I grew up in a beautiful home that had a country charm theme however my heart yearned for European Opulence and very fancy Victorian look.  Once I learned about the different decor styles I understood what I loved and I allowed myself to decorate in a style I am passionate about.

           Dreaming Do’s:

  • Sometimes life beats the imagination right out of us – give yourself permission to dream.
  • Have faith in your worthy dreams.
  • Be patient and work towards your goals in baby steps.
  • Focus on your “What” and your “Why?”Dreaming Don’ts:
  • Don’t limit your dreams by focusing on the “How.”
  • Don’t sacrifice your values for your dreams.
  • Don’t give your dreams a deadline.
  • Don’t invest more money than you should.

Assignment #2.  Could your dream home be integrated into your current home right now?

Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge, so with a little imagination you can create the home you desire right now.  If you want a beach house in Hawaii, you can have it now by hanging a beautiful photo of a Hawaiian beach in your Master Suite.

Assignment #3.  Write down the purpose of each room of your current home.

What are the secondary purposes of the room?

Write or talk to a friend about the focus of each of your rooms you are creating you family.

If you have created a vision of what you want and know the purposes of each of your rooms, then go on to Step 2:  Create Desire

Let’s learn how to stay motivated!

Krystal Meldrum



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