Step 2: Create Desire

“C” stands for Create desire to be organized.

You need to create powerful motivation to get organized.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and discouraged when it comes to organizing an entire household. Everyone needs motivation to finish organize and streamline their home.

What motivates you?

Here are 7 Exercises you could try to create desire to get organized.  Do at least 2 exercises to help yourself understand why YOU want to get organized.

Exercise #1:  Live in TRUTH

Learning the truth about organization will motivate you over the long haul more than anything else.

So get your TRUTH and live it!  This is your core belief on why a house of order is important to you.

Here’s the truth that I’ve learned that motivates me to be organized.

Heavenly Father is a God of order and I should strive to be like Him.  He created a beautiful world.  He is happy and at peace and he wants me and my family to be happy and at peace also.  Everyday I notice the sun come up and the seasons change.  God is showing me that He is simply up and moving through his routine.  He has created systems that perpetuate order and beauty.  He creates something beautiful everyday – a sunset, a rainbow, a flower.  Likewise, I choose to create systems that perpetuate beauty in my home and world also.

What is your truth?

Why do you think it’s important to get organized?

Is there a reason beyond yourself?

You need a really big WHY.  Your WHY needs to be so big that it will get you through the tough times when you get sidetracked, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

What’s your WHY?

Exercise #2:  Make a Deadline

Although an orderly home is what most people want, often families struggle organizing and maintaining their home.  Creating accountability and deadlines can be very motivating!  How often does everyone pitch in family pitch in when you have a party – usually people jump on board because they don’t want the house to look bad for company.

Well, let’s plan a party!

Plan an open house party to have in 90 days.  Imagine organizing your home and hostessing an open house in 12 weeks to show your lovely home to your friends and family.

Really go there mentally.

What does your home look and feel like?  What does the ideal day look like now?  The home you want in 20-30 years is going to be in reality happen in 90 days.

Deadlines are powerful motivators.  Talk to your spouse and children.  Tell them about your goal.  Mark your calender for your upcoming open house.  For more info go to how to organize your house in 90 days.

Exercise #3:  Get a Buddy

Find a friend to check in with on your house organization goal daily, weekly, or monthly.   (If you are doing the 90 day open house goal you need to check in with your buddy daily or you won’t finish in time.)  When you check in with your buddy it doesn’t have to take long.  Ask your friend to support you in your goal by talking to you on the phone for 3-5 minutes daily.  Each day state your goal to your friend.  We all hit roadblocks and have distractions and interruptions.  You need an accountability buddy to check in with that will cheer you on, help you see around roadblocks, stay focused, and celebrate with you when you achieve your goal!  Maybe they can help you in other ways to accomplish your house organization goal.

Exercise #4:  Count the Cost

Write a List of Pro’s and Con’s on what disorganization is costing you.

Make a 2 column list.

On one side write “What is disorganization & clutter costing me in the past, present, & future?  In the next column write “How will organization and a clutter-free home benefit me past, present, and future?”

In my list I wrote the following under Financially:  By not taking the time to write a grocery list I impulse purchase or I have to go to the store multiple times to get what I need for dinner which means that I waste money, time, and gas.  On the Pro side I wrote:  By writing a menu and a list I buy what I need so I am prepared for the week and I save money, time, and gas.”

Often people think that organization is harder and it’s easier and more relaxing to be disorganized.  It’s simply not true.  Habits such as dropping things where ever we want, really causes more work and headache later.

I had to attach feelings of peace and happiness to being organized.  I attached pain to disorganization in my mind instead of ease and pleasure.  It helped me change.

This exercise is worth your time because it helps you realize how you are suffering and decide if you’re ready to change.

Exercise #5:  Get organized for yourself and your family.

  • Get organized for a Yourself:

Get organized because it makes you happy.  Do it because you want the skill.  Do it because you want to be able to find things and do things.  Do it because you want to live in a peaceful place.  Just do it!

  • Get organized for your Spouse:

Get organized because you want to create a peaceful place for your husband to enjoy.  He is important to you and your children.  One research study shows that issues dealing with a messy home is the number one conflict in marriage!  You can make your marriage more peaceful and happy by creating an organized home.  Show him how you appreciate him by creating a beautiful, happy home for him.

  • Get organized for your Children:

Children who grow up in an orderly home, even if they tend to be messy, will inherit a standard of order that they will return to as adults.  Remember Proverbs 22: 6  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Is your house cleaning program worthy of repetition?  Organize your home so your children can have that blessing in their life.

Exercise #6:  The Stick or the Carrot?

People are motivated by the carrot or the stick.  What motivates you?

Is it the carrot?

You can bribe yourself just like a dangling carrot would tempt a hungry rabbit towards a goal.  A carrot could be money, food, fun, or a gift to motivate yourself.  For example, my friend will let herself have a lemon drop when she practices her violin for 2-4 hours.  I know it sounds funny, but it motivates her, so maybe it will work for you.  Is there something you want to buy?  Put a dollar in a jar every time you finish your organization project for the week.  Write on the jar what you are going to purchase at the end of 90 days.  Even a dollar goes a long way at a thrift store.  Does chocolate sound motivating?

Is it the stick?

The Stick is another motivator.  You could give yourself a consequence if that’s what you need.  You could tell yourself “I won’t go on my date night or my girl’s night out if I don’t get my organization project done for the week.”  Find what works so you can accomplish your goal.

Exercise #7:  Understand your Personality Style.

Getting organized can be a complex emotional experience.  Understanding the 4 basic personalities styles can help you understand yourself and what motivates you.

Are you red, yellow, blue, or white?

Everyone is a combination of colors, however we are usually one color predominately.

Here are the pro’s and con’s about each personality style:
Reds love to lead and direct people but sometimes they work too much.  Yellow people love people and to have fun but they struggle finishing things and creating good limits.  Blues are compassionate and live to support others, but sometimes they take care of too many people and don’t take care of their own well-being.  Whites love peace. information, research, planning, but sometimes they struggle to make decisions.  To learn more about this read the book The Color Code by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.

  • Red Personality Tips:  Make yourself a deadline.  Buy the invitations and put the open house tour on your calender.  Post your goal affirmation all around your house, declare your goal to 5 people, and call your buddy each day for 5 minutes to tell them how you are doing on your goal.  Try to make it fun along the way.
  • Yellow Personality Tips:  Make it a party so you can party more.  Create synergy.  Get a buddy or if you are alone start all your mechanical buddies like your dishwasher, washer, dryer, vacuum, and music.  Can you feel all the synergy you’ve created!  It sounds like a party!  Get your momentum going and nothing can stop you.
  • Blue Personality Tips:  It’s not selfish for  you to organize your home.  It blesses you and your family too.  Being organized allows you to have your life in order so you can give from a full well.  Organize your home because you’re worth it!  Remember to take some time for yourself along the journey too!
  • White Personality Tips:  Don’t fall into the “preparation hesitation” or “indecision” trap.  Just decide what you want and go for it!  Do you want an organized home?  You can have it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect in 90 days.  Anyway, a home is like a person, always changing, constantly evolving – never completely done.  Just imagine how peaceful your home will feel by getting organized today.

Discover your truth.
Discover your WHY.
Now let’s get to work!

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