Step 6: Organize Your Space

“O” stands for Organize by removing everything from the space, clean it, and speed sort into 5 boxes.  This is the step where people usually start, but if you were patient and did the thinking steps first – it will be much better in the long run.

Organization Steps:

1-To organize it’s important to take every item out of the space.  For example, take everything out of your closet, even if you know it’s going back into the closet.  Just take it out for right now.  You will be surprised what you find and how it opens your mind to new possibilities.

2-      Clean the space.

3-      Get 5 boxes and label them Trash, Goodwill, Other Room, Take Action, and Storage.

4-      Sort items into your boxes in seconds, not minutes.  Each box is important.  You need the trash for trash.  You need the Goodwill box to give the good stuff away that you don’t have a use for anymore.  Don’t have a garage sale – it takes too much time, stress, energy, and pays too little for your valuable time, just give it to the Goodwill or any thrift shop that will take it.  That way you don’t have to waste 3 Saturdays preparing for a garage sale just to earn $100 dollars.  Your time is more valuable than that.  Give it to Goodwill and don’t worry about distributing everything of value to friends and family either.  It will clutter up your home and they probably don’t need it.  The Other Room box is for the items that go to the other room.  Don’t put the Other Room box away until you’re done sorting or you may get distracted, start a new project, and never finish.  Stay focused.  The Take Action box is for things you need to fix or urgent to do items.  Don’t do them yet, just keep speed sorting.  The Storage box is for things that you need to store elsewhere.


It’s really hard to get rid of things of value that we are not using, because someday we think we may need it.  We may be tempted to rent a storage unit for all that valuable stuff, however that costs money monthly.  I have 2 free storage facilities I use which are my garage and the D.I.  I bag up stuff I don’t need and put it in the garage or give it to Goodwill to store for me, then I can buy it back when I need it.  My family and I were picking up about 1,000 toys every week because we have legos, train sets, dress ups, puzzles, which was overtaking our house and our daily life.  We kept 2 toys in the house and put the rest in the garage where it’s not easy to access.  When we’re ready for a new toy, we take out the toys we’re tired of and bring in the new toys. My other free storage facility is the D.I.  I can get rid of stuff and then if I need it a year or two later I can go back to the D.I. where they stored it for me for free and I can buy it again very cheaply!  The truth is that if we don’t weed our homes of the unnecessary often, the weeds take over.

*Declutter Tip:  Don’t those piles and stashes all over the home weigh you down?  Does it cause anxiety as you wonder what actually is in those piles?  Hopefully, it’s nothing important.  Do you have L.U.M.P’s and piles all over the house?  Does it make you feel like a lump on a log?  How about we loose 20 pounds today!  Actually, 20 pounds of junk that is.  Oh yeah!  It’s hard to make decisions especially when organizing and decluttering.  Using the acronym L.U.M.P. is helpful to help make quick decisions.

L is for “Do I love it?” U is for “Do I use it?” M is “Will I miss it?”  Two No’s, out it goes.  P is for “Pass it on.” 

It’s time to take charge of our surroundings.  It’s time to take back our homes and cast these clutter-space-invaders into outer space!  It’s time to declutter, lighten up and live in our home!  If you still struggle deciding then get a buddy to help you decide or put the stuff in the garage and give yourself a 24 hour decision deadline.  If you still can’t decide then throw it out, – you probably don’t need it, use it, or really want it.

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