Step 7: Inscribe on your containers

“I” stands for Inscribe.

This means you need to LABEL all your containers!

Inscribing is a critical key in sustaining your organization.

My friend didn’t believe in labeling so she experimented by labeling half her house and half her house she didn’t.  Then she timed herself.  She was 12 times more efficient in the labeled areas of her home!  Trust me.  It’s worth your time!

mudroom labelsWe printed labels on the computer with a large font so everyone can read it. We taped the labels on with clear packing tape so they’re laminated.  Then the label is easy to clean and it stays on.

If you want to be the only one that can clean the home correctly that’s great – Don’t label.  Don’t identify.  Don’t inscribe.

My dream is to ponder books, scriptures, history, and dream up beautiful masterpieces.  I want an orderly home too.  So I inscribe on everything.  Inscribing frees me to dream because I don’t have to be a walking- talking –put-away- database.  My family can put things away correctly without my constant help and supervision.  If you want the whole family to help you, then make it easy for them.  Label.  Identify.  Inscribe.  Young children can’t read so you can print out pictures off the computer of shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and tape it on their bins or dresser.  Then even the 2 year old can put things away.

Then they can clean and find things even without you home.  My friend was using my sewing machine while I was gone and she broke a needle.  She was sad because she wanted to finish but she didn’t know where a screwdriver was.  She entered my fully labeled mudroom and found a screwdriver because she found the box labeled Tools!  She was ecstatic because she was able to finish her project!

brother labeler laminate tapeThis labeler cost $20 from an office supply store. It prints laminated tape which looks professional and cleans off easily. It resticks too if you want to move it.

Life is easier on the parent who organizes because when you’re organized you don’t have to memorize where the 10,000 objects go in your home.  You can organize it, inscribe on it and let it go.  You can spend time thinking about what you want to instead of always thinking “Where is that?”  The statement “Where is a screwdriver?” doesn’t send you on a search party.  The house is labeled, the family are trained to put things away correctly and so you can find it.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And if you have a husband and kids they can unravel everything you have done.

Use a marker and masking tape, or a labeler, or your computer to make your labels.  They should be neat, printed, non-cursive, readable labels that a kindergartner could read.  It’s really worth the time and money to buy a labeler or use a computer because it looks so official, neat, and clean and people really can read it.  Plus, label tape is laminated so stays clean and neat much longer and can be washed.  When I use the computer you can put it in plastic sheet protectors and tape on the cupboard or box, or laminate it with wide packing tape so it stays nice and is washable and it stays put.

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