Yard Organization

garden hose organization

Hang your hose on a metal bracket attached to the outside of the house. It's an easy way to maintain your yard organization.

Decide which regions you want in your yard.  You could have some of the following:

  • a children’s area (sandbox, playsets, etc.)
  • a teenager area such as a basketball court,
  • an adult area such as a patio area,
  • a garden area,
  • outdoor dining,
  • a pet area,
  • chicken area,
  • yard storage such as a shed, fake outhouse, or bench for storage
patio yard furniture

Do you want an outdoor dining area?

When designing your yard regions, put the things you want to see out your back windows.  Do you want to watch your garden grow or your children play?  Most families prefer to see the children play so they put the children’s area where it’s easy to see out the back window and the garden in the more hidden areas.  It’s delightful to watch children play.

rose trellis sandbox

This lovely rose trellis is the gate into this lovely children's sandbox.

A waterfall with a toddler in the yard isn’t a good idea for safety reasons, so look how this homeowner solved their dilemma.

garden sandbox

They filled up the pond area with sand and married form with function by creating a beautiful sandbox for children to play in.

Do you need outdoor yard storage?

patio bench storage organizer

How about a patio bench storage organizer? This organizer is about 5 feet long and 2 1/2 feet deep.

Here’s another idea:

garden grapevine walkway

This gardener created an outdoor living space that marries beauty with function by growing a grapevine on an arbor that creates a lovely shade walkway as well a grapevine that produces pitchers of delicious, fresh grape juice! Each harvest they can enough grape juice to drink all year long.


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