DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone that lives in a home is aware of the fact that a toilet paper is a tool that meets several purposes in the house. Its use in the house even becomes more pronounced when there are lots of children around. Due to the frequent use of toilet papers, a toilet paper holder is a tool most people need.

Although certain homes come with toilet paper holders already installed, not all homes do. If your home does not come with a toilet paper holder, you can get one by simply heading to the closest supermarket and getting one. Although it is okay to do so, certain people consider it a waste of money to buy something as simple as a toilet paper holder. If you fall into this class of people, then, you might be ready for a DIY toilet paper holder.

You can make use of any of the ideas below when making a DIY toilet paper holder.

Bungee Toilet Paper Holder

This DIY toilet paper holder is ideal for people with an adventurous lifestyle. This, therefore, makes it ideal for boys’ bathrooms.

To prepare the bungee toilet paper holder, you need a drill which will help you create a hole in the wall, drywall anchors, screw-eye hooks, and a bungee cord that is about 12 long.

To get started, make two hoops at the end of the bungee. Once you are done with this, drill a hole in the wall and screw the hook into this already created hole. This should be followed by hanging the bungee ropes on the hoops

Rustic Rope Toilet Paper Holder

This DIY toilet paper holder is very easy and can be done in less than five minutes. Furthermore, it will cost you just $5. This DIY toilet paper holder can be used in vacation homes, a rustic cabin retreat, kids’ bath, in a coastal cottage, etc.

To prepare this DIY toilet paper holder, you will need to get a drill, drywall anchors, wall hooks, and ropes. As soon as you have all the tools that you need, you will need to tie loops at the ends of the rope you have.

As soon as you have a hoop created at both ends of the rope, drill a hole into the wall or into a stud if you have one. With the hole drilled secure your anchor and get the hook crewed into the wall. At this point, you can go ahead and create two hoops at the end of the rope. After this, go on and drill a hole in the wall and hang the loop created from the rope on the hooks.

A Basket, a Pail or a Bucket

This is a pretty straightforward idea. It might not seem like what one would expect a toilet paper holder to be like. Nonetheless, it gets the job done. All you need to get this done is an old bucket or a basket. You, therefore, will not be spending any money in doing this

Twig or Branch TP Holder

This is an extremely simple DIY toilet paper holder. To prepare this, you need drywall screw, a drill, a stick, and drywall anchors.

With all your tools ready, you should predrill your twig. When this is done, you will not worry about it getting broken when you are attaching it to the wall. This should be followed by drilling a hole in the wall. With the wall and your stick drilled, attach the stick to the wall with the use of drywall screws. This process is very rapid and should take about 5 minutes.

Leather Strap & a Wooden Dowel TP Holder

With leather straps, a drill for making a hole in the wall, some screws, and a piece of wood, this DIY toilet paper holder can be created. It is as easy as they get and also will not cost you a lot of money.

Pulley-Style DIY Toilet Paper Holder

You can achieve this by getting a big spoon, a doorknob, or a big spoon alongside a ribbon, rope, or string. With all the tools you need available, drill a hole in the wall and attach the pulley, the doorknob, or the big spoon to the wall. Once you do this, go ahead and create a large hoop with the ribbon or rope by tying it around the doorknob.

Upcycled Wood Crate TP Holder

This idea might seem hilarious. It, however, gets the job done. All you need for this is an old crate. Once you get one, drill a hole in the wall and hang this crate. With your crate balanced on the wall, feel free to store your  toilet papers without doing any work or spending any money

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