Utility & Laundry Room Organization & Storage Ideas

When you have a well-organized laundry room, it becomes easy and efficient to handle laundry duty. This can make it a duty that will become more interesting and fun than it usually is.

According to statistics, the average family in America does around eight loads of laundry every week. This amount to around hundreds of hours every family spends in the laundry room over a year. Most people spend a lot of time in the laundry room.

This means you will want to do all you can to make the process a comfortable one. The laundry room organization and storage tips and ideas we will discuss below can help you achieve this.

Modernize your Laundry Room

If you are using older cabinetry in your laundry room, you can update it with custom cabinets. This is an amazing way to simplify organizing your laundry room.

A large family may need tons of laundry supplies like bleach, stain removers, pods, containers, and laundry supplies. This is so much to store and keep organized. Including custom built cabinets can help you create the amount of storage space you require in your laundry. You can determine the width and depth as you desire.

If you have enough space, you can also use the laundry room is a great location for storing other things asides from laundry supplies. This includes out-of-season wears and linens.

Include storage cubbies and shelving for additional storage space for things like decorative jars and laundry baskets. You can use these to hold your detergents and clothespins, making the laundry room feel more personal.

Include Pullouts to Cabinets

Adding some pullouts to your custom cabinets can further ease your laundry room organization. These pullouts make it easier to find and get to items you have stored in a cabinet. This is the case regardless of if it is toilet paper, paper towels, home cleaning supplies, and laundry supplies.

You can also add pullouts to drawers to use as an additional drying rack or ironing board. Asides from the additional functions’ cabinets provide, they also add some beauty and modern touch to your laundry room.

Use your Hidden Laundry Storage

Another good organization tip for your laundry room is to use your hidden laundry storage. This is a great way to maximizing your laundry storage space.

Many homes have storage spaces underneath numerous areas of their home, which they don’t utilize. Some of these include areas under the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks. You can attach an under-sink organizer to help utilize the small space. Go with a comfortable pullout under the sink organizer because of the low space and location.

Suppose you have your dryer and washer attached on pedestals, leverage the drawer storage space they provide. You can also use a bench with under-seat storage to add hidden storage space to any room in your home. This also helps in adding some multi-purpose functionality.

Lastly, this form of hidden laundry room storage also helps in keeping things out of sight. It also helps in getting rid of visual clutter, making your laundry room look more organized.

Adequate Hanging Space

Having adequate hanging space in your laundry room is crucial for helping you stay organized. If you have enough space, you won’t need to fill your countertops with clothing items you need to fold or iron.

Below are some laundry organization ideas you will need to hang your clothes:

  • pullout valet rod
  • freestanding or wall-mounted hanging rack
  • mini clothesline
  • hanging rod
  • pullout hanging rack

The capacity to get items off the dryer and directly hang them to the designated spaces in your laundry space can offer many benefits. First, it reduces wrinkling and the additional time you spend to iron.

If you have other delicate clothes you need to air dry; you can use any of these organization solutions and accessories above.

Use A Folding Station

There are laundry rooms that don’t have the accessories you need to perform your laundry duties. This could cause a problem with the organization. For instance, presuming your laundry room has no folding station or adequate counter space for folding and arranging your finished laundry.

This implies you will have to move all these items to another room and fold them there. During this process, your laundry may get wrinkles, causing the entire process to take more time than necessary. If you want your laundry room to be as organized as possible, then a folding station is a must.

All you need to get one is a flat space that can handle all your folding duties. This can come in the form of an island countertop, or laundry room countertops.  If your laundry room is small, you can use the tops of your dryer and washer as folding stations if they are tall enough.

Attach Laundry hampers

Including laundry hampers in your laundry room’s cabinetry is highly beneficial. Having multiple laundry hampers in the area you do your laundry lets you and others you live with, categorize dirty clothes by color.

You can also include laundry hampers that have carriable, removable bags to your bedroom closets. You can use these to store dirty clothes to ensure better organization. Besides, you won’t have to deal with unappealing odors that come from dirty laundry.

Also, sorting dirty clothes at the source will ensure you don’t spend as much time sorting when it is time for laundry duty.

Include Smart Solutions

Like other things in the home today, there are many smart solutions and upgrades that can make laundry duty a breeze. Find the one you can afford, which meets your requirements and include it in your laundry storage closet.


Laundry duties are recurrent. So long as you wear clothes, you will always need to do laundry. However, this does not have to be a frustrating process. Incorporating the tips and ideas we have discussed above in your laundry room can make the organization seamless. Soon, laundry duty will be an enjoyable process you look forward to.

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