Bathroom Organization

Step 1:  Plan – What does your dream bathroom look like?

The thinking phase is 80% of the work because you need to design a good plan and then get the motivation to implement it.

Decide what regions you need in the bathroom?  Such as the following:

  • Grooming needs – hair care, makeup, shaving, barrets, Q-tips, combs, brushes, curling iron, blow dryers, etc.
  • Dressing needs – dirty clothes hamper
  • restroom needs – toilet paper storage container, hand washing supplies such as soap and towels
  • bathing – shampoo, soap, conditioner, shaving supplies.
  • reading – magazine rack or book rack

Regions help you streamline all the things you need into one area of the room.  For example, put all your grooming needs in one area.  That would mean to put the makeup, combs, brushes, blowdryer and curling iron are in one area instead of 3 different areas of the room.

Step 2:  Write your plan

Draw a sketch of the room, then list your regions, and see if your plan works.  Remember, it’s easier to move everything on paper than in real life – so don’t skip this planning step.  Get your buddy check it to see if you can get any more ideas together to streamline your bathroom.

Step 3:  Sort your stuff

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a plan because you’re so used to your old bathroom.  If your struggling to write a plan, then simply gut the bathroom cabinets and shelves.  Take everything out will open up your space and mind to new possibilities.  Sort like items with like items.  Only keep items you use at least once a month or more.  For example, sort all the combs and hair into a pile.

Step 4:  Put your plan into action

Clean out your shelves and put everything back in the new streamlined region.

Step 5:  Label

It’s important to label the containers so people know where to put things.  When things are labeled it’s easy to put things away.  Make it easy to put things away by labeling your containers.  We put this hair supply organizer on our vanity.

Step 6:  Maintain

Bathrooms are high traffic areas – and small rooms can look really dirty even if it’s just a few items are out.  Teach your family to leave a room better than they found it.

If everyone leaves something out each time they use the restroom then the place is going to look like a mess.  Have you ever wondered how a hotel keeps a thousands rooms clean?  It’s because they maintain the rooms daily.  By training your family to to pick up after themselves and each other you are giving them the opportunity to serve one another.  When we serve each other we grow in our love for one another.  And the home looks clean and peaceful too!  It’s a win-win!

These bathroom containers are our bathroom supplies under the sink.

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