Bedroom Organization

Let’s imagine your helping a child organize their room.  Discuss with them what activities they want to do in their bedroom.  Some ideas for a children’s bedroom could include the following: sleeping, dressing, homework, reading, writing, and playing.

Let’s learn from bees how to organize a bedroom like a honey hive:

Humans live in bedrooms, bees live in hexagon shaped cells.  How do hundreds of bees stay organized with thousands of cells for honey, bee babies, nectar, and bee bread in such tiny areas?

One reason bees stay is organized is because they have a place for everything and they put everything in it’s place and because bees organize their space into regions.

Regions are organizing areas by the activity and then putting all like items together.  For example, honey only goes in honey cells, babies only go in the honey bee region.  You won’t find a hive with honey mixed in randomly with babies and bee bread.  Like items are clustered together for easy access and organization.

Likewise, in your bedroom create regions for the activities.  Less is more, especially when it comes to choosing regions for a room.  It’s best to have 3-5 regions per room to create a peaceful bedroom.  The more regions you have, the harder it is for a person to keep a room clean and feel relaxed in their space.

Reading Region Example:

If you want a reading region you could put a small bookcase or book basket next to a comfy chair or bed with a good light.  It helps to have the reading items close together to make the room easy to clean and keep organized.  If the child reads in bed and the book basket is next to the bed they are more likely to put their books away because it’s easy.  If they have to go walk across the room to put the books away then they probably won’t do it.  Make it easy for the family to maintain the house organization.

Master Bedroom Ideas:

Is the master bedroom becoming a storage center?  This is a very important room to keep peaceful and calm – it is the King and Queen’s Bee’s oasis.  The master suite should be decorated and given attention before all the other bedrooms because it’s important to put the marriage relationship first.  What regions will help nurture your relationship?


Decide what activities will take place in the bedroom.


Draw a sketch or blueprint of the room and draw the regions on it to see if it works.  Remember, it’s easier to move furniture on paper than in real life – so don’t skip this step.  Make an efficient and beautiful design on paper first!  Then have a buddy check it to see if you can get any more streamlined ideas together.


Put all like items together in there region.  For example, the dressing region would have ALL the dressing needs;  shirts, pants, socks, underwear, shoes, dirty clothes hamper, and any other dressing needs.  This is the most efficient way to dress in one area of the room.  Then label all the areas so the house organization project can stay organized and maintained.

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