Control Center Organization

A control center is a place where you process the papers and plans that come into your home on a daily basis.  You need a system to process paper that comes into your home.  Since the kitchen is the heart of the home where the Queen Bee spends much of her time preparing meals, it is an ideal place for a control center.

 Control Center Supplies:

  • a milk crate for filing papers vertically
  • a calender
  • Mail Basket
  • Non-urgent Mail Basket
  • Pens/Pencils
  • 25 hanging files
  • 25 manilla files
  • trash (throw away as much mail as you can when the mail comes in)

Notice there is a place to hang keys, to put incoming mail in the basket to the left of the milk crate, to put bills in the white double decker hanging tin, a phone, pencil/pen holder behind the phone, a plug for cell phone chargers to be charged, and a basket to hold purse in the back left corner.  This control center resides right next to the door the family uses and in the kitchen to the right of the kitchen sink.  It is tidy and keeps the family organized!  For more ideas on creating good launch and landing pads go to entryway organization.

DO NOT organize papers horizontally.  (Horizontally means filing papers in flat cubbies.)  It is too messy to organize horizontally and too hard to find the papers you need.  Organize papers VERTICALLY in a milk crate or some other small easy-to-access file system on your counter or desk in the control center.

Control Center File Ideas:

    • Create a file for each child
    • Receipts organized by month
    • Coupons
    • Event invitations
    • Stamps and cards
    • Weekly ads to keep

It feels so good to be able to find the papers you need and to be able to find things when you are coming or going!  Organize your control center.  You are worth it!  You need this blessing in your life.

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