Kids Room Organization Ideas on a Budget

Organizing your kid’s room can be an expensive venture, especially if you want the best. This can be discouraging for parents who are one a budget. However, there are ways to achieve this without having to break the bank. In this article, we will be looking into some of the best tips for organizing your kid’s room on a budget.

Make a Plan

Involve your kids in the entire process by creating a plan based on what they want. Most kids may not bother about design, but they may be interested in colors and other similar attributes. It can be tempting to just go ahead and do what you want only to find out your kid does not like it. This can be extremely frustrating.

Determine the furniture, colors, and areas you need to organize and update. Try to get your child to select a theme they will be comfortable with. However, it is best to go with something universal, so it is easy to replace if their taste changes later.

While making the plan, consider your budget. You don’t want to get carried away with all the appealing things you can add. Remember that the goal is to do this spending the least amount.

Create Your Storage

A major aspect of organizing is having a place to keep all the items your kids own. Having spacious storage can be beneficial, but it does not have to cost so much. Find any old canvas bags that are no longer in use, repair them, and use some screen paint to personalize them. You can also attach stickers to make it more appealing. Then attach a hook somewhere in the room and hang the bags after filling them with toys and other items lying around.

Make Old Furniture Look New

Sometimes, simply painting your child’s old looking furniture can make a huge difference. Ask your kids their favorite color and paint the furniture to their desired taste. You could even change this to a fun activity where you both paint the furniture in your home.

Frame Artworks

Artworks are ideal options for brightening up a room. However, they don’t come cheap. You can use your child’s artwork instead. Choose their best drawings and place them in colorful frames. This will help brighten up the room, and your kid will be happy to see their work hanging there.

Choose Multi-functional Items

With time, your kid will require a desk, chair, and storage for other items. Asides from being pricey, all of these can pile up and make the room seem clunky. Instead, choose multi-functional furniture.

For instance, go with a desk that has hidden compartments for storage as well. Search the markets for wall organizers, hooks, and boxes that you can use for more than one purpose.

Upcycle and Recycle Used Items

Unused materials are one of the major reasons for a disorganized room. However, instead of leaving them to gather dust around the house or disposing of them, try to upcycle them.

This simply means giving new life to old materials. It could be clothing, home accessories, or furniture. Baskets, jars, and boxes can be ideal options to do this. You can also use hooks to organize scarves, hats, and other clothing items. Your kid’s room can be a great place to do this, and it won’t cost you a penny.

However, if there are items that won’t serve any purpose, you can donate them if they are in good shape. However, if they are completely useless, make sure you recycle them.

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