Linen Closet Storage Ideas

A linen closer is where you store your sheets, towels, and other linens. For many family members, it is a place to get the item they need. Most of them don’t even bother about how organized the closet is before locking the door.

The linen closets can also be a challenge to organize because nobody controls the contents going in. This can make become too full and disorganized. If this is the case with your linen closet, then the tips and strategies we will discuss in this article can help you stay organized.

Why Do Homes Need Linen Closet Storage?

The truth is that many people tend to believe it is not an essential part of the home. However, people who have one understand the importance of having a space to store all their sheets, towels, and linens.

Many homes come in different shapes and sizes, and in addition to the items we mentioned above, the following need storage:

  • Pillowcases, pillows and mattress covers
  • Bathroom supplies and toiletries
  • Blankets, inserts and duvet covers, and comforters
  • Placemats, tablecloths and cloth napkins

As you can see, there are many things to store in your linen closer. For people who don’t have one, placing all these things in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom closet spaces can lead to many issues.

First, you will have to deal with your linens scattered all over your home. This can make it more difficult to find items. Also, it will be hard to manage all the locations that you store your linens. They may also become overstuffed and hard to organize.

When you have a closet space dedicated to storing linens, it will help you save space and time searching for items. Also, organizing your linen closet storage can help things stay clean and fresh always.

Knowing this, the following are a few tips that can help you achieve this.

Fold Sheets and Towels, so Edges face Backwards

Once you fold your linens, arrange them on the shelves. But make sure the edges face the back to provide a neat look. When you do this, it will ensure you don’t see messy edges or numerous folds after opening the door.

Roll Them if Space is an Issue

If space is a constraint in your closet, a good way to organize your items, especially towels and blankets, is to roll them.  This will also help you save space in your closet.

Try ventilated Shelves

Leaving linens behind the closed doors of your closet can make them get musty. To deal with this, proper air circulation is a great way to go. This is where ventilated shelves come in as they can help encourage the proper flow of air.

Group the Small Items

Like we discussed earlier, the linen closets can work for storing more than just linens. Including hooks, bins, and baskets can help organize toiletries and little linens like pillowcases and facecloths in an appealing and neat manner.

Safeguard Against Moths

Moths can be very disruptive, and regardless of how much you try, they could still be a problem. If you leave them unchecked, they could destroy your linen. To prevent this, make sure you launder all of your linen before you store them in the closet. Also, include lavender sachets or cedar blocks to your closet for more protection. The smell is appealing to humans, but moths detest them, which is why it helps in keeping them away.

Include a Folding Board

Try to add a built-in folding board in your linen closet storage. This will help ensure folding your linens is seamless. If you want something mobile, there are various options you can purchase that don’t have to be attached.

Display the Linens

There are some small apartments that may not have adequate space for a linen closet. If this is the case, there are tons of other options that can be helpful in organizing your sheets, towels, and linens. One of the best options is to use carts and other storage furniture. You can also include wall-mounted shelves to your bathroom for your linen.

Remember the Extras

Lastly, don’t forget to include the extras that will increase your closet functionality. Some fresh paint may brighten up your closet and make it easier to locate items. Also, use small baskets, bins, and shelf risers to keep other additional items organized and tidy in your closet.

As you can see, having a linen Closet storage is important. The tips below can help you keep them organized and tidy always.

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